The Sacraments

Through the sacraments, we are continually invited to deepen our relationship with God and to live out our faith in the world. They are not merely rituals, but profound encounters with the living Christ who walks with us on our journey toward eternal life. May we always approach the sacraments with reverence, gratitude, and a heart open to the transforming grace of God.


Leader: Parish Priest

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We have preparation classes for parents every first Wednesday of the Month at 5 pm in the Lady’s Chapel.

The Sacrament is celebrated on Saturdays. However, an arrangement can be made on a preferred day.

Please see the guide below which explains how to proceed with the Baptism of your child.

Please contact the Parish Office for any other information.


Leader: Dr. Stacy John-Legere

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The Catechists offer an 8-week course for candidates from October in preparation for the celebration in May of the following year.

This course is open to those in year 9 and above.


Leader: Mrs. Frances Hawkes

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Candidates are prepared by the catechists through an 8-week course from January leading on to First Confessions and the celebration in May.

The dates for registration of candidates are published in the newsletter. Please contact the parish office for registration forms. The course is carried out at St Elphege’s Catholic School. 


Leader: Parish Priest

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Being a large parish, we have many home-bound parishioners. Our Eucharistic Ministers assist the priests every Friday to take Holy Communion to the sick at home. The priests also visit regularly as well for confessions and anointing when necessary.

Parishioners know that in ad extremis condition, the priest is to be notified for the administration of the sacrament either at home, in a care home or the hospital.

Note that every hospital has a Catholic Chaplain, who is always a priest, whom they can inform and invite for the anointing of their loved ones.


We continue to pray for vocations in our parish and the archdiocese. It needs to be mention that we have three priests and a deacon from our parish – Fr. James Clark, Fr. Matthew O’Gorman, Fr. Mark Higgins and Fr. Dermott O’Gorman


Priests are available for administration of this sacrament on Saturdays from 10.30 am to 11.30 am and 5.15pm to 5. 45pm.

However, when necessary, the priests could hear the confessions of the penitent on request.


Leader: Parish Priest

The Priest prepare couples for marriage as and when necessary. Couples are also encouraged to attend the one-day Marriage Preparation organised by the Archdiocese. The Priest assist couples to get registered and to attend.